1. Doug

    As a fan of Cards Against Humanity during the rapidly approaching summer wedding season, I knew I’d stumbled into the perfect bachelor party gift. With all of the crude sensabilities of its inspiration, this game captures the same style of humor and lightens the otherwise stressful (for some, I’m already married) mood of those about to be joined. We love the print and play version and look forward to the printed set to either stand alone or be added to my growing collection of cards. A set might also make a good party gift. I just have to make sure my wife doesn’t take them to her upcoming bachelorette party when I need them for the boys!

  2. Erin Sobetski

    I love cards against humanity and this is along those lines. This is such a fun game, with a twist on marriage, I recently got engaged so we tried this game out to see if it would be a fun thing to play during my bachelorette party and the consensus is that it would be a blast! After that we were even talking about mixing the cards in with cards against humanity to get some even more fun answers. Can’t wait to get my official hard copy!!!

  3. D. Gonzalez

    I have never played Cards Against Humanity, but after reading about Cads About Matrimony I knew I had to get it for my friends upcoming wedding. I purchased the print and play version and everyone absolutely loved it! Super fun and hilarious! Our co-ed group played for hours. A must-have for anyone looking for a good time!

  4. Amanda B.

    I purchased the PDF version of this after I saw a post about it on the OffBeat Bride. I’ve played Cards Against Humanity and love it, so knowing that an acquaintance is getting married this summer, I purchased the PDF version. We could play it at an upcoming cottage weekend!

    I received the PDF within a few days, as promised, and while it looked good on screen, the fonts were not working when I printed it. After some emailing with the creator, I received a Word file to print, and while it printed BETTER it still was not perfect.

    Not sure if the issues were on her end – PDF exported without embedded fonts or on my end, using old software. Either way, they printed reasonably well from the Word file, and since I work at a printing shop, I had access to cardstock and was able to get them cut professionally.

    Unfortunately, the intended engaged friends did not come to the cottage weekend, but we played the game one night anyway, 2 rounds of it. The players: one engaged couple (incl. myself), one longtime dating couple and a single woman. (2 men, 3 women, late 20s-30s)

    We all had a lot of laughs over the game, and drinks, of course. It was fun for everyone, all at different stages of relationships. Someone even pointed that out: “This game is great! Single, engaged, never going to get married… – everyone has fun!”
    A few write-in cards were even used during moments of brilliance: “Well, it looks like good taxidermy to me!” being the best one. Looking forward to using that in upcoming games.

    If I have the chance, I will play the game with the engaged couple, who I’m sure will love it too.
    And when my own wedding planning is underway, I hope to play this at parties.

    I love this game style because there are no right or wrong answers and you get to see exactly how far your friends’ humour goes. Always so much fun!

    Thanks for creating a fun game!

  5. Roz

    My friends who are married are looking forward to this! They love CaH, but they don’t have the experience (?) with the cards like we do. “Build Additional Pylons!” had to be explained. But these cards they “get”. As they are the only married couple in the group, they are currently wringing their hands and high-fivin’, ready to return some of the smack talk back at the rest of us. It has been a godsend for them.

  6. Brittany

    I am hosting a shower soon and the bride-to-be requested that we don’t play any cliche bridal shower games. She is a huge fan of card games and she suggested that we play Cads About Matrimony. I am married to the bride’s brother and I was a little worried that the game might be a little too shocking for my mother-in-law and her friends. I emailed the creator of the game and she responded quickly with the answers to all of my questions. She helped me solve the issue very easily. I now have a cleaner version of the game that will keep my husband’s mother happy. Everyone is very excited to play. Don’t worry though, we will be playing the regular version of the game at the bride’s bachelorette party. Thanks for the great service!